Creating professional Presentations

Slidedesigners creates presentations for a range of multinationals and large companies from various sectors and also provides on-site presentation support in the COVR-slideroom at international meetings and conferences, where we also take on the design of the messaging and sign displays.

We make mind-catching presentations for Management, Sales, HR, R & D, ... in short, for all the departments of a company. These presentations distinguish themselves by the use of dynamic images, route pages and a hyperlinked (web-alike) construction. Clarity, overview and didactic ability are always the starting point.

We can start from scratch, advising you on structure, propose targeted visuals and create your presentation or in the case you already self-prepared your presentation, we can assist you in giving it a professional look.

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Presentations deserve a 5-star approach

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A presentation is the most direct way of communication. It is the very moment to present, in person, a company, products, ideas or visions.

Obviously it is important at that moment not to save on quality but to go for a 5-star approach that is equal in quality to your other means of communication such as brochures, leaflets, annual reports, etc.. Slidedesigners sees to it that your presentations meet this standard.

Presentations are created in Powerpoint,Keynote or Flash.


Slidedesigners Print

Presentations don't stand on their own. They need to be announced through advertisements or flyers. Accompanying brochures or handouts need to be developed. Here too Slidedesigners is ready, with the same vision for quality, clarity and overview, to align your printed materials with your presentations.





What our clients
tell us...

I think you have done great work,
and it looks like you understood
very well our points and
the messaging,
although it may be difficult
for a non biologist.


Dr. rer. nat. Peter Weiser

Product Manager Europe,
Discovery Labware 
BD Biosciences Europe

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